Loyiale - Elemental Shaman [Accepted]

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Loyiale - Elemental Shaman [Accepted]

Postby anticlos » Tue May 16, 2017 10:05 pm

Character info

Name: Loyiale
Class: Shaman
Mainspec: Elemental

Why did you chose this class & spec and how do you benefit the guild?
Started playing this spec when Nighthold released , cause my guild needed a elemental shaman i dont have a problem switching specs around if it benefits the guild and i know i can perform in a high lvl.

Would you be able to play different spec of your class? Do you have raiding experience on other specs?
I started Legion as restoration got 3 really good leggos on it and also have bis leggos for elemental / enhance. I can play which ever spec my guild needs me too i think im pretty versatile.I have good raiding expirience as resto healed all of the way in EN progression. Enhancement not so much only heroic dif.

Player info & hardware

Age: 20
Nationality: Greek
Can you use TS3? Yes
Is speaking in TS3 difficult to you? Why?
No. Having a working mic, no problem talking.

How are you connected to the Internet? State your download and upload speeds and your provider.

Whats your fps in raids during boss fights?
Depending on the bossfights around 60-80.

Player history and aims

What are your previous guilds and why are you applying now?
First guild was salvage crew left that to into a mythic raiding guild as we really wanted to try it out and joined Tit or tail. Tit or tail we currently are and gonna leave because again 2raid days per week wasnt enough for us for the time and effort we spend in the game we felt unsatiesfied and after a lot of weeks of that feeling and with the opportinity jerkix presented us we decided to take the step and move on.

How often can you attend raids (state days & times in gametime)?
In all previous guilds i had 90-95% attendance. I usually make my schedual around raids so i rarely miss one unless a emergency.

Raid Experience (Classic, TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD):
Oh here we go thats gonna be a long one hang on with me. Started playing during TBC was a noobie back then didnt know what i was doing i only started seriously raiding during wolkt and managed to clear ICC normal with a 1 day raiding guild. Cataclysm i played a restoration shaman (diffrent account not same shaman, Got stolen) raided some heroic tier in Firelands and dragonsoul.On MOP and most of WOD played on a off on a Cata private server which i was a gm of a succesfull guild that managed to clear dragon soul heroic on 1 raid day per week there i met Ajoey who was my officer later we decided to get a taste of the real thing and try legion . On legion we first joined a really casual guild that only raided heroic there we met Kubaisi and managed to clear most of EN mythic on pugs. Later before 7.2 joined a mythic guild then we managed to clear 7/7 EN M 2/3 TOV M and currently 8/10 NH M. My aim atm is to push myself as to one of the best elemental shamans on the server and to do that need a good guild firstly :D.

What do you expect from Colour?
I expect firsly a nice atmosphere and secondly to be treated fairly as to comes into my performance and effort i put.


How do you take responsibility and deal with it? Can you give an example?
If i make a mistake i'm not afraid of admitting it and will do my best to fix it generally in my previous guilds i usually hosted a responsible position such as officer/recruiter or even gm.Example i managed and rlead a raiding guild in private server think thats a big responsibillity :P

How do you prepare yourself for raids?
Always have a big stash of flask , food and runes.

Class mechanics

How well do you know the mechanics of your class you play? How do you improve yourself?
I would say i perform really well overall i know my class mechanics.Most importantly i look over logs and compare myself with other elementals see if i did sth diffrent that costs me dps and very importantly i try to see the best cds usage and movements each seperate boss to maximize my dps output.

What would your standard rotation of abilities/spells (healing/dps/tanking) be for a typical tank and spank fight, and why would you use those abilities/spells?
On 3 secs on the pull timer i cast fire elemental 2 prolonged and start casting lightning bolt into fire shock.Then it all varies depending on the boss if its single target situation and i want to burst ill cast lava burst, elemental blast then pop ascendance and orc racial into lava burst spamm.Its all very situatonal and depends on my talent choices aswell (ascendance or LR)

How do you adjust this rotation in other situations than tank & spank? What situations are these?
The diffrent situations for me is if i need to play my cleave aoe spec LR and when its best for the fight to use my cds for example if theres a specific time we need to burst then i save my cds etc.Usually i do my normal rotation and then its all about cd managment


Armory Link:
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... er/loyiale

Link to relevant logs (World of Logs, Warcraftlogs or AskMrRobot):
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... er/loyiale

Link your UI in a raid situation:

Anything else you wish to say?
Feel free to whisper me if you have any other questions.
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Re: Loyiale - Elemental Shaman [Pending]

Postby Jerkix » Tue May 16, 2017 10:09 pm

Hey Loyiale

Thanks for the application and the talks ingame. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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Re: Loyiale - Elemental Shaman [Pending]

Postby Jerkix » Wed May 17, 2017 10:39 pm

Hey again Loyiale

We are excited to tell you that we have decided to accept your application and would like to offer you a trial spot in Colour!

As soon as you are ready to join us poke me, Nóxiuz, Thealm, Lemonhunter, Sillykon or Leefter ingame for a guild invitation :)

Welcome on board!


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