Jeewful - WW MONK [Accepted]

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Jeewful - WW MONK [Accepted]

Postby Jeewful » Wed May 03, 2017 7:33 pm

Character info
Name: Jeewful
Class: Monk
Mainspec: WW
Why did you chose this class & spec and how do you benefit the guild? I chose Monk because I saw a lot of streamers playing the class and they made the class look really fun and I decided to try it out and so far I've been loving it, The reason to why I chose dps is just because I love being a dps and dont find tanking / healing as fun. As a monk I can help a lot if someone were to fail their mechanic or die earlier so that they can't I.E Soak and can quickly take their spot if it was in a hurry.
Would you be able to play different spec of your class? Do you have raiding experience on other specs? I know how to play BM and had to tank 6/10 Mythic bosses because one of our tanks were gone once.

Player info & hardware
Age: 17
Nationality: Swedish
Can you use TS3? Yes
Is speaking in TS3 difficult to you? Why? No
Whats your fps in raids during boss fights? 40-60
How are you connected to the Internet? State your download and upload speeds and your provider. Telia
Player history and aims
What are your previous guilds and why are you applying now? ... ll/Obscene ; Lack of raiders. ... /Prevailed ; People stopped raiding > Guild stopped raiding. The reason to why im applying is because I want to keep raiding.
How often can you attend raids (state days & times in gametime)? I can attend every single raid.
Raid Experience (Classic, TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD): Got heroic experience from Cataclysm and MoP.
What do you expect from Colour? I expect a strong and serious raiding enviroment.
How do you take responsibility and deal with it? Can you give an example? Something that I do is that I check bosses thoroughly before progressing them just so that we don't wipe because of me.
How do you prepare yourself for raids? I make sure that I have all consumables that I need also that im well prepared before progressing on a new boss.

Class mechanics
How well do you know the mechanics of your class you play? How do you improve yourself? I know the mechanics of my class pretty well and whenever I find out something new about my class I.E New better legendaries I go to a training dummy to try to get the hang of I.e new rotation.
What would your standard rotation of abilities/spells (healing/dps/tanking) be for a typical tank and spank fight, and why would you use those abilities/spells? Copying from the website since we have a long opener. TP -> AT -> FoF -> TP -> ToD -> Serenity + RSK bug -> SoTW -> RSK -> BOK -> SCK -> BOK -> RSK -> BOK -> SCK -> BOK -> RSK -> FoF
How do you adjust this rotation in other situations than tank & spank? What situations are these? Monks always use the same rotation no matter what the situation is, Also our rotation isn't really a rotation but more using our highest prio ability without using any attack twice.

Armory Link:
Link to relevant logs (World of Logs, Warcraftlogs or AskMrRobot): ... 69/latest/
Anything else you wish to say? You can expect 100% attendance

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Re: Jeewful - WW MONK

Postby Jerkix » Wed May 03, 2017 8:17 pm

Hey Jeewful

Thanks for the application! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Re: Jeewful - WW MONK [Pending]

Postby Jerkix » Wed May 03, 2017 9:52 pm

Welcome Jeewful

We have decided to accept you for a 2-3 weeks trial!
Whisper Jerkix, Thealm, Leefter, Nóxiuz or Lemonhunter for an invite when you've transferred :)

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