Shabbydabby - Resto Shaman [Accepted]

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Shabbydabby - Resto Shaman [Accepted]

Postby Shabbydabby » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:29 am

Character info

Name: Shabbydabby

Class: Shaman

Mainspec: Restoration

Why did you choose this class & spec and how do you benefit the guild?

I picked up resto shaman mid WoD after clearing most content on my mage. At that time I wanted to try out healing and tanking and therefore I got myself a dk as well. Coming into legion I obviously had to pick one and Shabbydabby was born ;)
Resto shaman at the current state might not offer the greatest output in HPS but can we give everyone in the raid 10% dmg reduction? Yea boy! Can we make everyone run 60% faster for 5 seconds?? I bet ya! Can we even make a poor soul rise from the dead? WITHOUT USING A CR? Hell yea!
Would you be able to play different spec of your class? Do you have raiding experience on other specs?
Since we had the luxury of 2 resto shamans in my former I guild I, being the great guy that I am, offered my logs on Krosus for the sake of progress. And yes, you are right! I didn’t top the dps meter.. But I actually wasn’t last ;) I can play elemental shaman to what I would call a “sufficient” level but I am not a god at it..

Player info & hardware

Age: 24

Nationality: Danish

Can you use TS3: Ewww.. I guess :P

Is speaking in TS3 difficult to you? Why?

It’s fine

What’s your fps in raids during boss fights?

Should be sufficient  It’s locked at 60fps

How are you connected to the internet? State your download and upload speed and your provider?

I honestly can’t remember but it surely isn’t gonna be an issue..

Player history and aims:

What are you previous guilds and why are you applying now?

Been in a few different guilds. I’ve been raiding mythic HFC on Kazzak in a guild called Nightshift.
Most of my time though I have spent in a guild called Last pull on CoA. Being an officer there I gained a lot of experience. Due to drastic changes though I don’t really see myself in there anymore despite still having friends there that I play with. And yea. Here I am!

How often can you attend raids (state days & times in gametime)?

Pretty much all the raids. There might pop something up, but I spend a lot of time here in front of my pc and I always keep agreements. Unless It’s reaaaally urgent you can count on me to show up!

Previous raid experience (all expansions):

I started playing early/mid WoD so I obviously haven’t got that much raid experience. I did however manage to clear most of mythic HFC. I am picking it up really quick though and I’ve played computer for many years. Before WoW I played a lot of League of Legends.

What do you expect from Colour?

I expect a fun and social guild that at the same can be focused and commit when it comes to progressing raids. I also expect to contribute with my best efforts and skills in order to go as far as we can without loosing out on the joy in the game.

How do you take responsibility and deal with it? Can you give and example?

Hmm my PoV when it comes to raiding is that the main goal for everyone is to kill the boss. I’d gladly go to add grp on Chrono or go dps on Krosus if that contributes to the greater good which is getting the kill.

How would you prepare yourself for a raid?

I go to bed early the day before and make sure to get my oatmeal with milk in the morning. In the afternook I do I short run for about 3-5km so that I am completely relaxed and ready to raid! Jokes aside..

First of i make sure that I know the mechanics for the fights. On progress I make sure to stay focused while tactics are being sorted to make it as clean as possible. Half the fight is already over before you enter the raid. Preparation is key! I only bring consumeables ;)

How well do you know the mechanics of the class you play? How do you improve yourself?

I will like to say that I know it 100% but then I couldn’t improve now could i? Honestly I think I know them fairly good. Ever wondered who that one single shaman that used Earthbind Totem on the adds just before God-king Skovald was? Yup! It was probably me. I feel like shamans have a lot of niche spells that actually requires brain to use efficiently. Spirit link totem and Ancestral Protection totem is examples as well. I review logs if I feel like I can do better on a fight or reconsider legendaries, gear etc. To summarize I think I know the mechanics of my class pretty good.

What would you standard rotation of abilities/spells(healing/dps/tanking) be for a typical tank and spank fight and why would you use those abilities?

I’m gonna cheese this one and say that I start fights with Flame Shocks+Lava Burst+Lightning Bolt until I have to heal ;)
No but seriously.. It’s really different.. If the dmg is hard early in the fight like on Elisande I’ll probably use Cloudburst Totem+Ancestral Guidance+the leggy trinket and then spam some chain heals. If not I’ll chill with some riptide and healing waves while dpsing.
How do you adjust this rotation in other situations than tank and spank? What situations are these?
Again, they can be plenty. I’ll probably switch to chain lightning if it’s multitarget. Lol. If the dmg intake is great however I would consider using my Healing Tide. Surprised? :p

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Re: Shabbydabby - Resto shaman

Postby Nox » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:38 am

Hey Shabby!

Like I said to you when we talked on Discord, we've decided to accept your application and would like to offer you a trial spot in our guild!

As soon as your transfer is complete poke me, Jerkix, Thealm, Lemonhunter, Sillykon or Leefter ingame for an invite to the guild :)

Welcome on board!

- Nox & the officer team

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