Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Declined]

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Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Declined]

Postby Calvarson » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:36 pm

Character info




Why did you chose this class & spec and how do you benefit the guild?
Paladin used to be my main since early TBC and i allways return to protection, currently paladin bring utility toolkit*Blessings* with solid damage when possible*Seraphim* with enought cooldowns that can cover raid/player/magic survivality
Even tho protection paladin isnt the *strongest* tank compared with brewmaster monks and guardians druids i still enjoy the playstyle.

Would you be able to play different spec of your class? Do you have raiding experience on other specs?
Retribution, changed to retri out of curiosity and gear and farming AP to reach golden trait asap, on saturday NH hc clear i was pulling 40-60percentiles, still need more practice, 100+- hours do get better and min max gear for it.
Well, what to say, i like playing alts, even tho legion is not that much alt friendly im trying to keep my MAIN alts relevant at last with the gear
Cathe - Frost/Blood DK at 904+-ilvl
Caithe - Shadowpriest at 890+-ilvl
Réawen - Guardian druid 890+-ilvl
With this classes im very familiar and good numbers according to warcraftlogs percentiles. Still if i got spare time i like to play them and practice to get better.

Player info & hardware



Can you use TS3?

Is speaking in TS3 difficult to you? Why?

No issue speaking or using TS3, currently using twitch and discord mainly due to ability switch and stay connected between friends/servers.

Whats your fps in raids during boss fights?
30-60FPS depending on fight, i rather drop on game details instead of having low FPS

How are you connected to the Internet? State your download and upload speeds and your provider.
Sitting on Fiber Optics connection, ISP is my friend so any issues with my connection are solved within few minutes, also having 4G mobile connection that is cappable of raiding if necesary

Player history and aims

What are your previous guilds and why are you applying now?
Vanila - MDK on MalGanis DE progressed with those guys from MC till late Naxxramas
TBC - WoD - transfered to Ravenhold EU and joined RR inc guild that i stayed in till end of WoD
with RR inc received multipe server firsts and solid progression
Legion -moved to Stormreaver been in Gehena before joined new guild Issues did some mythic progression, guild disbanded, moved to Lost Chapters, did more mythic progression, core raiders left and currently guild dont have enought people with good skill to be mythic raiding.

END game raiding is/was allways my primary goal of this game and currently im not enjoying doing the same content over and over without any sight of progression.

How often can you attend raids (state days & times in gametime)?
I will attend all of the raids , even tho there might be a few emergency days depending on my work, if that happens i will always let u know ahead of time, or try to be around.

Previous Raid Experience (All expansions):
Blackrock Foundry
10/10 Mythic
7/7 Mythic
[Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall]

Mists of Pandaria
Siege of Orgrimmar
14/14 Heroic
[Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream]

Throne of Thunder
13/13 Heroic (11/13 Heroic down on 25 man)
[Cutting Edge: Lei Shen]
[Cutting Edge: Ra-den]

Terrace of Endless Spring
4/4 Heroic (1/4 Heroic down pre 5.2)

Heart of Fear
6/6 Heroic
[Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek'zeer]

Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Heroic
[Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor]

Mists of Pandaria
World 168: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (25 Heroic)
World 334: Grand Empress Shek'zeer (25 Heroic)
World 241: Will of the Emperor (25 Heroic)

World 379: Madness of Deathwing (25 Heroic)
World 444: Majordomo (25 Heroic)
World 949: Nefarian (25 Heroic)

Wrath of the Lich King
World 877: Halion (25 Heroic)
World 911: Tribute to Insanity (25 Player) [Grand Crusader]
World 942: Algalon (25 Player) [Celestial Defender]

The Burning Crusade
Sunwell Plateau: 4/6 (Pre Nerfs)
Server First Illidan

What do you expect from Colour?
Good and friendly guild with enought people to do the content and push the limits and ranks.


How do you take responsibility and deal with it? Can you give an example?
As maintank i need to know what im doing, that means preperation, learning from mistakes is another way but this shouldnt take long, taking critisism is fine as well.
I used to raidlead and do calls with all the guilds i have been playing with. If i make decision that whole raid depends on i will stand behind that decision during that pull, will not allow to be questioned during the pull.

How would you prepare yourself for a raid?
Watching kills from different points of views, making notes, speaking with people from other guilds, getting tips and tricks and studying logs, ptr testing when i got spare time and group.

Class mechanics

How well do you know the mechanics of your class you play? How do you improve yourself?

PTR testing, class discords discusion, guides, forums, and practice.

What would your standard rotation of abilities/spells (healing/dps/tanking) be for a typical tank and spank
fight, and why would you use those abilities/spells?
TLDR knowing the fight from inside out, knowing when and how to utilize your Cooldowns combined with active migitiation not to stress the healers, and practicing over and over and over again. Knowing your character cons and prons.

How do you adjust this rotation in other situations than tank and spank? What situations are these?
Using Weak auras to help me track and remind myself of boss mechanics, min maxing character based on simcraft, having feedback from class discords and tip and tricks from friends in high end raiding guilds.


Professions : Enchanting and Mining changing to Alchemy soon

Armory Link: ... son/simple
Link to relevant logs (World of Logs or Warcraftlogs): ... 98/latest/
Anything else you wish to say?
Dont mind doing interview on voice coms as i assume u might got some questions about my application
UI screen shot
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Re: Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin

Postby Jerkix » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:43 pm

Hey Calvarson

Thank you for the application! We'll take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

- Jerkix

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Re: Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Pending]

Postby Zeord » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:49 pm

Hey Calvarson.

On what character do you have all that experience and especially in Legion? I can see you have only killed 2 bosses in mythic on your paladin and even those were done during last weekend. So if you could specify your experience a bit more and on what class/spec/role you've done them as.

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Re: Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Pending]

Postby Calvarson » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:19 pm

Most of my pre Legion kills happened on my old protection paladin Marienka@ravenholdt.

During Legion I started raiding on my DK Cathe@stormreaver as guild needed tank and most of my kills are on this character.

Most of the bosses I experienced from both blood and frost POV.

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Re: Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Pending]

Postby Zeord » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:06 am

Thank you for your answer.

We'll discuss this application tonight.

-Officer Team

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Re: Calvarson - Protection/retri paladin [Pending]

Postby Zeord » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:59 pm


Unfortunately we have to decline your application. In another time we would've most likely accepted you but at this moment we cannot fit another tank in our roster. You'd be sitting in bench in Colour.

I wish you good luck in your guild search!


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